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The Kingcrows

Addictive Punk ‘N’ Roll. Imagine the best night out anyone can have. 10 pints later
you’ll be dancing and singing, like the best of us.

The plan a devilishly simple one, make sure the songs are as catchy as an STD. Make sure each member delivers on stage with power, enthusiasm, fun and hip shaking groove. Visually excite up until an inch of your life.

During the journey, we have had the enormous privilege of sharing stages with many wonderful bands. We’ve also played as backing band for notable punk royalty Tenpole Tudor (Fifth Sex Pistol) and TV Smith (The Adverts).

Since we formed in 2006 we’ve played over 300 gigs and released 5 EP’s and mini albums, 2 full albums with the latest being released on neon green vinyl and many, many different t-shirts and various other merchandise.

Without further ado – Here’s to the music, the journey, the beer and laughs and most importantly – to you.