Shiny New Website


Welcome to our new website and even newerer news page.

Let’s start with the obvious, there’s bugger all happening in any band right now due to the pandemic. But that’s not to say we’ve been lazy. Not totally anyway…… So, here’s where we are since lockdown.

Firstly we’ve got a nice shiny new website – oooh! It’s super easy to navigate and it looks cool on your phone whilst you’re taking a poo.

Secondly, we’ve managed to squeeze a couple of videos out during our downtime – so that’s nice. We’re all waiting on confirmation of when we can go back into the rehearsal studios, it’s been 4 months or so and I’ve forgotten more than we can remember. So the first few rehearsals should be fun.

Hopefully we can get out on the road before the end of the year but that’s purely in the lap of the gods now. So this has been our first real catch up. Drop us a line via the usual methods and let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see mentioned here. I’m sure I can help…….. Lee J