We Grabbed This Opportunity By The Nads

As I sit at my desk peering into the winter void, existential dread has it’s icy, dark claws clamped around my soul.

I hear its seductive, silky whisper asking me in its’s taunting, mocking tone – what have you done with 2020 and was it worth it?

Well, screw you ‘cos guess what, it really was .

2020 started great with gigs booked in for the year, right thru. Festivals, theatres, the whole shebang. Up, down and across this green and pleasant land. Well, that turned to crap fairly quickly. Four gigs! that’s it.

Then the world changed. Not just for us but for every bugger else.

Brakes on. Game over. Did The Kingcrows stop? Did we hell. We grabbed this opportunity by the nads and gave it a damn good talking to.

So here’s what we’ve done during lockdown to keep ourselves busy:


We started having weekly band chats on zoom. Before long, we looked into other zoom benefits. Well, it turns out that you can actually make a video that way. So we did, and we brought you “I love myself” – the ultimate lockdown vid. Phil E Stine crafted the wonderful jellytastic “Rip it up”, plus we also snuck thru “on the road again”.


The fact that your reading this blog would also lead me to point out that we’ve redesigned our website from the ground upwards and it’s looking pretty spiffing.


We’ve released more lines of merchandise than ever. It’s great to see people buying as much as they are. It warms our wallets nicely and allows us to keep on keeping on.


Big news is that we were interviewed live for Renegade Outlaw Radio from America. That was an experience. We’ve since been played on oodles of other radio stations, so we’re definitely getting about.


We’re making baby step inroads towards Japan, which is a goal we have in mind. We’ll have to see how that pans out, but we’re hopeful.


We’ve been in the rehearsal studios a few times since september and once the cobwebs were shaken off things came together fairly quickly.


We’re back in the process of writing again so hopefully once we do see you all “out there” we may have new songs to delight and charm you with.


Oh, and in the few days when lockdown rules where slightly relaxed, we did a gig in September – which felt great. Hopefully it won’t be long now before everything is back to normal and we can bring you our own peculiar brand of Punk Rock & Roll again.

So finals thoughts, yeah 2020 was weird but sod it, life goes on.